Disan Valley

Meet Disan Valley. A lovely wine that blends floral notes and sweetness together. Venec has a lot of wines to offer, and Disan Valley would have to be one of the best.


From the aromatic floral aromas to the high acidity, Disan Valley is one of the best white wines that Venec has to offer. It’s an exquisite choice to enjoy.


This is a 2018 vintage of the wine that was specifically ground-in for wholesome times. This wine is a reflection of our roots in this region of the valley.


This wine has an aromatic almost perfume-like aroma and surprisingly sweet taste that will make it the wine you can’t stop drinking.
750 ML

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Description & Details

There’s few wines like Disan Valley. This wonderful, popular white can provide the perfect answer to what to drink with meats, dishes, poultry, and seafood. Although it’s impressive wine styles that range from a big fat and an almost full body. It’s also lighter on the tongue and almost like liquid gold. Can it really get any better than this?

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Wine Color: White Wine

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Disan Valley

2100 ден

2100 ден

150 in stock