The Story

Behind The Wine

Venec Winery has been making wine since 1956 and is still using classic techniques. Venec uses a variety of handcrafted, refined techniques without changing what they have done for 50 years. Wine has always been made with care and a soul.

Our Story

Our Vision For Wine

Venec’s vision is to create wines that are a delightful experience. Bringing your senses to life by enhancing the aromas and textures, while still revealing the unique growers’ grapes.

Kire Ristov

Head Winemaker

Creating a delightful tasting wine  that is perfect for anyone is a no easy task. That is why we carefully select the very best grapes and ferment them using the most refined of way to create an experience you will remember.

The People

The Award Winning Team

This  is the team behind Venec Winery. The team that is turning grapes into internationally acclaimed wines that leave you astounded.

The Process

From Farm To Glass. This Is How Everything Goes.